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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose Weber Water?
Weber Water is proud to be family-owned and operated. We stand by our work and are dedicated to making sure our clients are satisfied. With over 60 years of experience, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are committed to providing the best service possible. Our trusted reputation in the Walsenburg area is Weber Water's trademark!

What is the first step in getting a well drilled?
What we require in order to drill a well is a current Colorado well permit, a signed well drilling contract and a deposit for drilling. You can find a well permit application through the following link: Contact us to obtain a well drilling contract.

How do I decide where to drill?
We do not site a well location for our customers. However, there are a number of professional well locators in our area. We will provide their contact information to you upon request.

How much will my well cost me?
We calculate drilling charges based on the amount of footage drilled. When a well is completed, the footage charges are then tallied and you are invoiced for those charges less your well deposit. Please contact us regarding current drilling rates. You can also request an estimate online.

What is involved in the well construction process?
After a drilling site has been located, we will conduct a site visit to evaluate access for our drilling equipment. If the site is ready, we will set up our rig (and if needed, our rod tender truck) and commence to drill exactly where you have chosen to locate your well. The drilling process consists of drilling a surface bore hole to accept steel casing. Beyond the steel surface casing, we drill until we reach an acceptable production zone. After it is determined that a well is successful, we will typically line your well with PVC liner casing designed to accept a submersible pump.

What if the well you drill for me does not produce water?
Unfortunately, this is a possibility and does happen within our region due to its unique geological and hydrological features. You would be responsible for charges incurred as stated in our drilling contract. Please contact us for further information.

Is my pump included in my drilling costs?
No, but we do provide estimates for a number of different styles of well pumping systems tailored to suit your needs, taking into account the dynamics of your well.

I have a well already, will you install a pump into it?
Yes. A simple conversation with you, an existing records check, and/or site evaluation will help us to determine what will best suit your needs. This will help us to determine if your well is able to accept pumping equipment.

Do you install cisterns and what kinds do you offer?
Yes, we do. We offer concrete models that hold either 1000, 1500, and 2000 capacities. We also offer a wide range of poly cisterns with numerous overall capacities. Not to mention, we can tie in multiple cisterns for greater storage capacity. We also tailor pump systems for your cistern.

Do you install septic tank systems?
No. However, we can recommend a few different reliable contractors to assist you with a septic system project.

I would like to install my own pump, can I purchase supplies only?
Yes. We carry a wide range of products for pump installations in stock. If we do not have an item in stock, we can acquire most specialty items within a matter of days.

I would like to buy my own supplies. Will you install them for me?
Yes, in most cases. As long as the supplies that you provide are in acceptable and/or working condition, we will install them. However, we will not assist you with any warranty issues which may arise in the future with said items.

Do you provide a guarantee on workmanship and/or items that I purchase from you?
We provide a one year guarantee on our workmanship, no questions asked. And in many cases, we will also assist you with parts warranties if they are available.

I would like for you to haul water to me, will you?
Your location and site access will determine whether or not we will haul water to you. Please contact us for further information.